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                                                                                                                Therapeutic Approach

Making therapy as normal as going to the doctor for a checkup. We have complex lives and experience and witness difficult things in our communities and environments. Sometimes we need a neutral person to come alongside of us and help us sort out and make meaning of our lives. I offer a clean and inviting environment that is judgement free and low-pressure. I provide a safe space for you to be transparent and honest. 

Using Simple Language. Often big and confusing words can be thrown around in therapy and you might think "What the heck is he/she/they even talking about?" My goal is to state and explain things simply so that you never leave the office scratching your head. Additionally, I'll provide psycho-education materials as necessary to supplement themes or concepts that may come up in session. 

Offering different ways to "do therapy." Do you think you could benefit from walk and talk therapy? Okay great, lace up your shoes and let's go! Do you have a tight schedule or cannot easily access my office? Let's have a video conference. Want to schedule your own appointments or book out a few sessions? Do so on my online portal. 


Not just about medication. While I do believe that some individuals can benefit from psychotropic medications, I recognize the value of homeopathic and holistic modalities and incorporate such when appropriate. In my own life, I am an avid runner and spin instructor and believe in the importance of the mind/body connection and can help you develop your own wellness plan if that is an important part of your journey.  


Therapeutic Traits


I am sex positive and do not ascribe to monogamy as the gold standard. While monogamy works well for many individuals and couples, others will opt for open or polyamorous relationships or some sort of other arrangement. The notion of consent and trust is of utmost importance here, not the actual arrangement. I am comfortable working with individuals, couples or groups. 

Faith and religion is important for many individuals but not for everyone. I've heard several clients mention that their previous therapy sessions were not successful due to the therapist pushing religious thoughts or beliefs on them. I know many people have a complicated relationship with faith, and some people have no faith or have been traumatized within spiritual communities. Therefore, I only explore the notion of religion and/or faith if you identify this as an important aspect of your identity. I have a lot of personal and professional experience with individuals who struggle to reconcile faith and sexuality. 

I am LGBT Competent. I ask about pronouns and preferred names. I realize that human sexuality is diverse and fluid, which is why I take a comprehensive sexual health history to understand your behaviors and preferences. Want to get on PrEP? Questioning your gender identity, on hormones or describe yourself as non-binary? Find yourself lurking on Grindr and not sure what this means for you? Let's talk! 

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