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I utilize a HIPAA compliant online software platform called Simple Practice to send the initial demographic and intake paperwork in advance of your appointment. For those able to do so, I ask that you complete this paperwork prior to your first appointment. This allows me to review your concerns and much of your history prior to you coming in and allows us to focus more on the presenting issues during the first session, rather than simply filling out paperwork. Of course, if you are not able to fill out these forms online or choose not to for any reason, I have paper copies available for you to complete during the first session.


Sometimes it is is hard to know if you are going to click with your therapist. I understand that and for those who are hesitant to schedule an initial appointment without a preliminary conversation, I offer the following consultations:

15 minute phone consultation - Complimentary
30 minute face to face consultation -$55.



Most clients will begin therapy sessions either weekly or biweekly. Those who prefer to have a consistent time most weeks will likely need to book several sessions, as slots are not guaranteed. Most clients begin with either weekly or biweekly sessions depending on needs/symptoms. A therapeutic hour is 50 minutes to allow time for rescheduling and taking notes. Appointments can be requested on the portal at any time; the calendar is often available up to 6 weeks in advance. You can also email me or call me to request an appointment and if you are an active client, we will often schedule our next appointment at the end of the session. 

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