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Molly has worked in a lot of different social services and mental health settings throughout the past 9 years, and each experience has strengthened her passion for supporting young children, their caregivers, and young adults. She has been an RA for 3 years and mentor for a juvenile diversion program while getting her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Michigan State University. She worked at a residential facility for young children with behavioral difficulties in foster care, as well as a group home for refugee minors from Latin America. She provided after-school care and tutoring for children living in a low-income housing community. For years she has coordinated with schools, community resources, and medical professionals to advocate for comprehensive care.  The foundation of her work today is greatly based on the relationships she built with the resilient and dynamic young people she interacted with over those years.


She went to the University of Michigan to obtain my Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work to further her understanding of childhood trauma and its impact on development and relationships. She was a part of the Detroit Clinical Scholars cohort that specifically focused on preparing Therapists and Social Workers to work in Wayne County, where we dove into the history of Detroit and Southeast Michigan, and the current needs and strengths of our wonderful city. In school, she found an interest in Adventure and Experiential therapies for people of all ages by using play, art, movement, challenge, and symbolism to actively engage the learning process towards growth. She also was introduced to Infant Mental Health, which focuses on child development, family dynamics, attachment styles, and trauma.


Since then, she has worked in Detroit for the past 3 years with children 0-6 years old and their caregivers, becoming an Infant Mental Health Specialist® with formal endorsement from the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health. While the work centers around young children, this type of therapy greatly incorporates their caregivers regarding their own mental health and how it relates to their relationship with their child(ren). So, she also became certified in the Circle of Security Parenting® program, where she facilitates 8-week reflective dialogue groups or individual sessions for caregivers of all types, with a special interest in foster parents. She has found great joy in supporting adults with this knowledge-base to address a wide array of issues, such as: PTSD and all forms of trauma, depression, postpartum issues, anxiety, ADHD, Autism, developmental disabilities, relationships, personal growth and life transitions.


Throughout her work, it has been essential to address the systemic barriers that impact the mental health of people with identities that are marginalized and oppressed by our society. Poverty, racism, homophobia, sexism, community safety, and generational trauma do not exist in a vacuum. She believes we all live in environments and communities that impact us greatly, so she prioritize understanding your unique cultural values and beliefs before moving on to any intervention or therapy.


She is personable, curious, and relaxed, with some tough love compassion when needed! She is creative in finding the strategies that work best for you because she sees the therapeutic relationship as a partnership. She loves to move, create, and interact in whatever form you are able to express yourself most comfortably. Her strengths in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Management strategies, and Psychodynamic Talk Therapy all allow her to adjust so your work together fits with your lifestyle. She sees couples as well. 

Molly is currently seeing clients via telehealth and in the office. Read more about her on her Psychology Today Profile

Maighdlin (Molly) Talo  (She/Her/Hers), LMSW
Clinical Therapist 

Phone: (313)432-8242

New Clients, please call to inquire about availability. Molly offers teletherapy and office-based appointments.  Existing clients can request appointments via online appointment scheduling tab below. 

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