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Individual therapy sessions are for 50-55 minutes, allowing enough time to reschedule your next appointment, discuss any billing related matters and to make sure we are not running into other people's appointment times, as appointments are often booked back to back in 1 hour increments. We create individualized treatment plans for all clients, which is the best practice but also a requirement of managed care/utilizing insurance benefits. Most  clients will meet weekly or biweekly depending on need and availability. Once you begin to demonstrate steady progression you may move to every 3-4 weeks. Once you go beyond monthly sessions, we begin to look at termination. Termination is a positive aspect of treatment and it is our goal to not hold onto you longer than is necessary.

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We have worked with many diverse couples over the years and enjoy working with couples. Similar to individual therapy, we meet for 50-55 minutes at a time and tend to schedule weekly or biweekly. In addition to completing your own individual intake paperwork and assessment, you will complete an assessment that asks specific relationship questions. While generally most sessions will involve all parties in the relationship, occasionally we will have partners come in separately to better understand each individual interpretation of the relationship challenges. Please note, for insurance to cover couples counseling, a primary diagnosis has to be established and incorporated into the treatment plan. For couples not demonstrating any identifiable mental health conditions, you will need to pay privately rather than through insurance. We have experience working with non-monogamous and polyamorous groups/dyads, so there is space here for you too! 

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Meeting You Where You Are

We were doing teletherapy before the pandemic began!  While we see the benefits of face to face sessions, we also recognize that an increasing amount of individuals are opting to receive therapy online. Within the past few years, insurance companies have caught up to this trend and many are now covering teletherapy the same way they cover face-to-face sessions. So whether you are geographically further away, in a pinch for time, or simply prefer to communicate online, we offer a HIPAA-compliant platform that ensures secure communication. Book your appointment today!

Running Shoes
Running Shoes

Perhaps you like to maintain an active lifestyle. Or you have a difficult time sitting still. Whatever the situation, lace up those shoes and get ready for Walk & Talk Therapy! Whether individual, couple or group, we take therapy outside! Please note this is dependent on weather and can be intermittent with traditional office based therapy or teletherapy options. 


We are happy to provide gender support letters at no additional cost to you and do our best to accommodate short-term appointments (often 1-2 sessions), even if we do not have the space to take you on as a longer-term client. We utilize WPATH Standards of Care in writing our letters and aim to get letters to you within a few weeks of your last appointment to not further delay any treatment options for you. We often work short-term with clients who are already engaged in care with other therapists who may have less experience with writing letters or with LGBTQ folks and that is okay! You can get your letter from us and continue to see your already established therapist! We have taken the GALAP Pledge. 

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